Sunday, February 21, 2016

Discussion Post #2 - Storm Front by Jim Butcher

Discussion Post #2 awaits your comments!

As a reminder, this is to discuss chapters 10-18. If you're just catching up, feel free to scroll to the post right before this and chat about the last chapters as well! All discussion posts are open all month, and we love a good banter.

1. Now that we've had a deeper look into Harry's personality, what do you think about his character? 

2. Do you think that Harry's chivarly is a boon, or a handicap, in terms of the choices that he makes?

3. What do you think of Murphy's portrayal? Do you think that her character is within her rights to act the way she does?

4. It's prediction time! What do you think the ending will be?

Now get to it, and write up your thoughts!

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